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In this website you can see many places, monuments, traditions of Sardinia. Perhaps you would also like to see all this in person one day. You could do it with us... and really not as a slogan. Here at Isola Sarda we will not offer you 1000 hotels or houses, but only 2. One is for who prefer a holiday at the beach and another is for who prefer to make a different trip every day. To know more about it follow these links: You holiday at the beach - The base for your excursions
Sulcis Park, measuring 68,868 hectares (about 172,170 acres), is the largest among the future Regional Parks singled out by the Provincial Law n.31 of the 7th June 1989. The Park Organization has not being constituted yet, but a big share of the territory is protected and is the property of W.W.F. and Sardinian Demesne Forests Organization. ... (continues)

Lying in the green of a magnificent valley, at the foot of the wide mountain strip arching from the Pauli Ara hills with Mount St. Barbara, over to Mount Arrubiu, closing with the Su Sinzuru hill towards Sa Birdiera, Poggio dei Pini is thought of as a fortunate village by people who visit it, a village far away from the urban outskirts degraded by the tentacles of speculation, that besiege Cagliari and its suburbs. (continua)
On the East side of the village of UTA, just out of the village, there is the beautiful Romanic church of S. Maria, considered one of the most important religious monuments in the Southern part of Sardinia. Its particular architectural structure has remained in very good conditions, safe from modifications and robberies. It was built by the benedict monks from S. Vittore di Marsiglia, (therefore called Vittorini) arrived in Sardinia during the second half of the 11th century, because they had received churches and lands as a donation. (continues)

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The Internet was still in its pioneering stages in the late twentieth century and there weren't many users.
The sites available were mostly experimental and as such, they often disappeared quickly.
The majority of sites featured cultural content and e-commerce hadn't yet arrived on the Net.
The Isola Sarda site was developed during that period, becoming a milestone and filling a vacuum that would last at least ten years.
Today, it still continues to welcome its many visitors who are searching for information about our beautiful island.