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I was wondering, when in April 1997 we began to publush this site, if, how and when Internet and the World Wide Web would have become an instrument really and truly usable even by little communities such as Poggio dei Pini, a township of 1.500 inhabitants situated 12 miles from the Sardinian main town. Ingresso BibliotecaMuch depends on the evolution of the telematics in the next years. To take advantage of an instrument like this is not only for the individual, but the whole community, whether it is big or small. It can be used to spread local news that can't find a place in traditional communication media such as newspapers and TV. It can also be used to exchange opinions, ideas and proposals on how to manage and improve the quality of life of the place in which we live.
We of the Poggio dei pini Library Web Group were enthusiasts for the idea to open this window on the world, to be able to receive the "virtual" visits of new friends and to put at disposal of our community the "sea" of information that can be found on the Internet and the chance to reach and to be reached by the 150 million users scattered all over the world. For this reason we have provided our library with an Internet-connected computer, that all the inhabitants of the area can use it to obtain information or to send and receive e-mail messages (the address is [email protected]). At the same time, thanks to the space kindly offered by and the far-sightedness of the Poggio dei Pini Library, we started to make use of interactivity with this computer. Since the beginning of 1998, the initiative ceased to be supported by the Library and continued to evolve by itself keeping the same objectives to diffuse the cultural and naturalistic aspects of our land. In 1999, the success of the site and the arrival of new pages arose the need to give the site a larger space and a name referring no more to the small village but to the whole island: Isola Sarda. 

Giorgio Plazzotta
Isola Sarda and Linea Poggio Web Manager

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