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The objective of GeoSardegna is to supply to the visitor with a geographical approach for the selection of online resources that supply information regarding centres and places in Sardinia. We at Isola Sarda have selected the sites and pages (little green balls) that contain cultural (non-commercial) information relative to places in Sardinia. We've made available some of our best photographs (little red balls).

GeoSardegna takes advantage of Jshape Java GIS technology in order to allow interactive navigation of the map. The user does not have to load or install accessory programs or plug-ins; all that is required in order to use the application is a Java compatible browser (Explorer, Navigator or others). It does, however, take a few seconds to download the applet and the data. So what can the GeoSardegna user do? By using the ZOOM function you can visualize the territory on your chosen scale, move around in the zones within the boundaries with the PAN function, visualize the names of places, click on the little coloured balls to visualize photographs and pages, activate and de-activate the visualization of basic themes such as rivers, roads etc., and also to carry out inquiries. For full instructions on using the interactive maps click here.

We have provided two versions of the interactive map. The first is faster and more streamlined, containing links to the photos, pages and map of the basic territory; the other is more complete (but also slower loading), containing the break-up of the centres, places, watercourses and the street accessibility. 

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(translated by Jasmina Tarpy)

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